Hi, I'm Nalin Angrish

I am Nalin Angrish, a Student, Art Lover and an Enthusiastic Coder. I learn, code and convert ideas into software.

My Skills

Web Development

Beautiful user friendly websites and web apps utilizing React for interactive content along with popular designing styles like Tailwind and Material UI.

App Development

Beautiful, fast and user friendly apps which use Google's own Material Style Guidelines for providing a comfortable user experience.


React.js React.js

For building dynamic frontend for websites.

Node.js Node.js

For building blazingly fast web backends.

Python Python

For automation and building bots and backends.

Flutter Flutter

For building cross platform mobile apps.


To manage data with SQL databases like PostgreSQL, SQLite, etc.

MongoDB MongoDB

To manage data with the NoSQL database: MongoDB.

Git Git

For collaboration and maintaining version history.

Kubernetes Kubernetes

To manage and run apps in an isolated fashion.

My Work

Want to see some of my work samples? Check some of best creations on my apps page, and others on my GitHub. I am a blogger too and you can check out my blog which can be helpful for learning how to code and can help you create some masterpieces!

Have an Idea?

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